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Many times students have asked me, "What's the best way to learn English?" There is not one answer to this question, but I often say, "Practice! Practice! Practice!".

Why Learn English As a Second Language?

Learning a new language is often begun at a young age and, in some schools, is continued throughout a person's education. While it may be easier to learn and retain a second language


Teaching English Grammar

We've created this page to provide resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching grammar. You'll find loads of printable materials for classroom use. We also have a discussion forum where you can share your lesson ideas.


Learning English as a Second Language

Welcome, students and teachers, to the study of English as a second language. In learning how to read, write, and speak English, students are going to gain access to many jobs and other resources that would be unavailable without knowing English. Teachers of English as a second language will do the good deed of passing on life-changing knowledge to others. Our site is made to help you learn or teach the language and become fluent in English so students can take advantage of the opportunities that fluency in English will bring and teachers can gain additional tools to help them in the classroom.


Learning English as a second language for school, for work, or for personal interest is an exciting, challenging journey. Students can choose from many methods to learn English as a second language: traditional ESL classes, DVD and CD courses, instructional textbooks, private tutoring, and online courses. The online ESL learning tools available through this site are valuable resources for every type of student. These engaging, relevant, topical lessons, quizzes, and games expand opportunities to use English in different settings, reinforce new concepts, and expose students to new vocabulary.

For teachers of English as a second language, ESL PartyLand offers materials and teaching ideas for every type of classroom and learner. Learn how to teach ESL through music, film, video, and the Internet and find materials and lesson plans to use when teaching conversation, grammar, listening, and speaking skills.

English Lessons, Quizzes, and Games for ESL Students

The topic-based ESL lessons located in the student section under “English Lessons” provide resources for independent learners of English as a second language as well as students in traditional classes and those practicing their English with private tutors, friends, or family members. Each lesson offers discussion questions to help direct topic-based conversation with a conversation partner. These questions can prompt in-depth discussions with native speakers and can be used by two students together to practice their communication skills. Students learning English on their own can use these questions as writing prompts for journal entries or essays. Many lessons include additional reading material and extra examples of idioms and expressions.

Interactive online activities and games available through the topics under “English Lessons” and “Quizzes and Games” engage and challenge you to practice your new vocabulary, to learn new words, and to learn about American culture. Crossword puzzles help you connect synonyms and definitions to new vocabulary, interactive restaurant activities ask you to practice ordering off a menu, travel trivia tests your knowledge of the United States and Europe, and Internet scavenger hunts introduce you to useful websites in English while practicing navigating the Internet in English.

Interactive, self-scoring quizzes and games test your knowledge as you learn. Check your comprehension and discover new areas for improvement. Quizzes test your mastery of important grammar concepts, such as prepositions and verb forms, and your vocabulary knowledge. The level of every quiz—very easy, easy, medium or difficult—is marked to help you measure your progress and some quizzes are made especially for those studying for the TOEFL test. Online, interactive games and trivia quizzes are engaging ways to test your cultural knowledge about topics like movies, literature, and travel.

Lesson Plans and Materials for Teachers of English as a second language

Keep your lessons fresh and your ESL students engaged with materials from ESL PartyLand. The “Lesson Plan” section provides lesson plans and activities to use when teaching communicative skills and includes individual pages for teaching conversation, teaching grammar, teaching listening and speaking, teaching reading, writing and vocabulary, and teaching integrated skills. Find fully-developed lesson plans on many topics, such as noun clauses and conditionals for teaching grammar and telephone lesson plans for teaching listening and speaking. Conversation teachers can find lists of conversation questions and discussion starters along with conversation card sets and ideas on how to use them in the classroom. Grammar teachers can find grammar games and activities to use in the classroom, as well as printable activities and worksheets.

For teachers who want to integrate media into their lessons, pages dedicated to teaching with film and video, teaching with the Internet, and teaching with music give lesson plans and activities designed to incorporate these media into a lesson. Incorporate films into your classroom with fully-developed lesson plans that include pre-movie discussion questions and internet activities, vocabulary and listening activities for use during the movie, and post-viewing discussion questions. Bring music into the classroom with lyric sheets, discussion questions, and music-based activities to use with your favorite tunes. Harness the power of the Internet with Internet scavenger hunts and online worksheets and quizzes. Teachers of all levels, topics, and skills can find material to inspire them and their students.

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