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We've created this page to provide resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching grammar. You'll find loads of printable materials for classroom use.   We also have a discussion forum where you can share your lesson ideas.

What is an board race and can you adapt this activity for use with different grammar structures?

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Lesson Exchange--Stop by PartyLand's Lesson Exchange discussion forum for ESL teachers.  Add your own idea about how to teach listening and speaking or read other teachers' postings.


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Unreal Conditionals Handout--a classroom handout with examples, explains second and third conditional sentences.

Find Your Partner: Second Conditional--a matching activity with directions.

Question Cards: Unreal Conditionals--a set of conditional questions.     (If you wanted suggestions on how to use card sets, you would look at  Ideas for Using Conversation Card Sets.)

Scrambled Sentences: Unreal Conditionals--See Ideas for Using Scrambled Sentences  for activity suggestions.



Find Your Partner: Modals--a matching activity for modals of inference, includes directions.

Question Cards: Modals--a set of questions using present and past time modals.  (For suggestions on how to use card sets, you might get some ideas from Ideas for Using Conversation Card Sets.


Noun Clauses

Recognizing Noun Clauses in Songs--a printable worksheet for classroom use, advanced students find the noun clauses in the lyrics to some popular alternative songs.  I recommend giving one copy to each pair of students and asking them to work together. 

Answer Key for Recognizing Noun Clauses in Songs--My first time through the lyrics, I think I found 15 noun clauses.  Needless to say, I had missed some.  Like five, I think, assuming I'm still not missing any.   Save yourself the surprise of discovering the noun clauses during class; print the answer key.

Scrambled Sentences: Noun Clauses--See Ideas for Using Scrambled Sentences  for activity suggestions.

Error Correction: Noun Clauses--Ten sentences for error correction.  (Only sentence number five is correct.)


Nouns: Count & Non-count

Food Quantifiers--this is an interactive crossword puzzle you can print and use in class.  Low level.

Noncount Nouns and Quantifiers--a matching activity to review advanced-level noncount nouns and quantifiers (Classroom Handout).

Tic Tac Toe: Irregular Plurals--advanced-level tic tac toe game boards.  Students can place an "X" or "O" in the square only when they give the correct plural form of the word.

A Card Game to Review Count/Noncount Nouns and Irregular Plurals--advanced-level group activity with directions.


Passive Voice

A Passive Voice Race Game--a competitive team race game for high intermediate and advanced learners, includes directions.


Simple Past & Past Progressive

Scrambled Sentences: Simple Past and Past Progressive--See Ideas for Using Scrambled Sentences  for activity suggestions.


Simple Present & Present Progressive

Simple Present and Present Progressive Classroom Activities and Ideas-- a long list of suggestions and techniques for teaching simple present and present progressive.


Tense Review

Sentence Match: Tense Review--You can use this one to pair students or as a small group activity.


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Looking for more lessons to download from the web?  Check this out.

ESL Flow: Grammar


Teaching Resources   

For books, materials, and reviews, shop Cool Stuff's Teaching Grammar.



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If you've created a lesson that you'd like to share with others here, e-mail it to me at karin@eslpartyland.com .  I'll do the formatting; you'll maintain copyright and get to add it to the "Publications" section of your resume! 




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