About Karin Martinez

Hi everyone, I’m sure you know but I am Karin Martinez and ESL PartyLand is my website!

I’ve owned this website for a few years now, and it’s been an absolute joy. Teaching has always been my passion. Before the Internet, I could only teach my own students. Now, I get so many wonderful requests (through my website, Facebook, and Twitter) from English language learners all over the world. I’m touched that so many people – students and teachers alike – have used my materials to make learning English fun!

I am fortunate enough to live in a diverse area that necessitates ESL classes. Public schools in San Fransisco follow the Lau Action Plan, which ensures that English learners are placed in the appropriate programs and properly evaluated. While my school has a successful action plan, many schools across the US are facing budget cuts, and it breaks my heart to see other districts not get the same benefits that all children should be entitled to. Learning a language – whether English, Spanish, French, or Japanese – is an essential part of education. It doesn’t seem fair that language programs are among the first to be cut when the budget gets low.

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