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Beginning TOEFL

Longman Introductory Course for the TOEFL Test--Recommended for those who are beginning with TOEFL practice. ($22.05)

Continuing TOEFL

The Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test

Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test, Book and Cassette Edition--(Bruce Rogers, second edition) This practice book reflects the most recent changes to the TOEFL test. It includes specific tactics for each section and subsection of the test, pages and pages of practice test items, exercises in vocabulary, idioms, and preposition use. It also includes two full-length practice tests and a section on the TWE (Test of Written English). Highly recommended. ($34.95)

If you're ordering this book for self-study, don't forget the answer keys and tapescript!

Complete Guide to the TOEFL Test : Answer Keys and Tapescripts?--all the answers, with explanations, and the scripts for the audio cassettes for Bruce Roger's Complete Guide. ($13.95)


Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL

Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, Book & Cassette Package--This comprehensive test prep course contains sections on listening comprehension, vocabulary, structure, and reading. There are over 200 skills-building exercises, two full length practice tests, and a complete review of English grammar. It also includes a section on test-taking strategies. The answers are included and provide clear explanations of correct and incorrect answer choices. This package includes four high-quality listening cassettes. ($62.95)


Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, Book--Same as above, but just the book--no cassettes. ($23.95)


Cambridge Preparation for the TOEFL Test, Cassettes--Same as above, but just the cassettes--no book. ($46.95)


Cliff's Preparation for the TOEFL

TOEFL Preparation Guide, Book and Cassette Package--This guide for intermediate students provides background information on the TOEFL test and practice exercises. There's an intensive grammar review and a listening comprehension section. A 90 minute cassette is included. ($29.95)


Cliff's Advanced Practice for the TOEFL--This book is for students who have already completed some type of TOEFL preparation. It includes 13 listening comprehension practice tests, and it covers areas that students find particularly difficult in the listening section of the test. This book offers skills building analyses of prefixes, suffixes, and roots to help build English vocabulary skills. There's also a practice section for reading comprehension questions. Two audio cassettes are included with this package. ($19.96)


TOEFL Mentor CD-ROM--This CD-ROM includes everything you need to prepare for the TOEFL. There's information on TOEFL registration, the TWE (Test of Written English), loads of practice exercises, and three full-length practice tests. The CD-ROM works with either a Mac or PC. It's easy to use, you just point and click through the different menus. Recommended! ($96.00)

TOEFL Test Preparation Kit--From Educational Testing Service (ETS), the official testing agency. This kit includes both a book and CD-ROM to help you prepare for the test. ($37.60)

Kaplan TOEFL for the Computer--Includes book and CD ROM. ($27.96)





Cracking the TOEFL CBT 1999--A 336 page book & CD ROM to help you prepare for the computer-based TOEFL, from Princeton Review. ($25.56)




Practice Tests

The Complete Guide to TOEFL: Practice Tests, Books and Cassette Package If you want more practice tests, this is the book for you. It includes sample tests and essay items, reflecting the most recent changes made by ETS. The appendix includes all the answers with explanations. This package contains both the text and audio cassettes. ($31.95)

NTC Practice Test Kit for the TOEFL, Book and Cassette Package--This kit includes five complete tests with examples, based on actual TOEFL questions and the Test of Written English, answer sheets for test-taking practice, tapescripts and answer keys, and three audio cassettes for all the listening comprehension material. ($31.96)

Peterson's TOEFL Practice Tests, Book and Cassette Package--Five practice TOEFL tests and three TWEs. Includes scoring charts, answers and explanations, and a section on test taking strategies. ($23.96)

Prentice Hall Regents Prep Series for the TOEFL Test--Four practice tests with book and audio cassettes. ($50.25)

TOEFL Strategies With Practice Tests for Learning Progress--Includes practice tests and three audio cassettes. ($35.00)

Skills Building Books

Essential Words for the TOEFL--What words do you really need to know to prepare for the TOEFL? Find out here. ($7.16)

The TOEFL Flash Series

This three-part series from Peterson's will help you build your vocabulary, grammar, and reading skills as you prepare for the TOEFL test. Each guide contains five sample tests and practice exercises in specific areas. A great supplementary series for TOEFL test takers!

TOEFL Word Flash : The Quick Way to Build Vocabulary Power ($7.16)


TOEFL Grammar Flash : The Quick Way to Build Grammar Power ($7.16)


TOEFL Reading Flash : The Quick Way to Build Reading Power ($7.16)


TOEFL Success--In-depth instruction in all the test's critical areas--English structure and written expression and reading comprehension, test-taking strategies designed to improve scores and ten keys to mastering the TWE essay. ($14.95)




Prentice Hall: Listening Skills Builder/Book and Audio Cassettes--Help with TOEFL listening. Includes book and audio cassettes, from Prentice Hall. ($48.00)

The Heinle & Heinle TOEFL Test Assistant : Vocabulary--Help with TOEFL vocabulary. ($25.95)

Everything You Need to Score High on the TOEFL 1999 Kit--Includes book and cassettes. ($23.96)

Arco TOEFL Grammar Workbook
Workbook edition.
List Price: $11.95
Our Price: $9.56
You Save: $2.39 (20%)



TOEFL Reading and Vocabulary Workbook
List Price: $11.95
Our Price: $9.56
You Save: $2.39 (20%)



TOEFL Strategies
List Price: $13.95
Our Price: $11.16
You Save: $2.79 (20%)

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