Business English

All prices subject to change, in many cases they'll actually be lower.

American Business English--20 chapters that will help improve your business writing. ($16.95)

Barron's ESL Guide to American Business English--Easy to use ad nicely organized, this book will help you work on your business English skills. ($11.16)

Biz Talk 1 : American Business Slang & Jargon--Eight lessons that will help you understand the real language used in American businesses. Topics include business travel, negotiation, computers, and more. ($13.56)
Biz Talk 2 : More American Business Slang & Jargon--Even more slang and jargon to help you understand the language Americans use at work. This one includes on-line jargon, management, and more. ($15.16)

The Business Grammar Handbook--If you use English as part of your work life and you're worried about your grammar, check this book out. ($9.95)

New International Business English--This colorful book is a fantastic purchase for anyone who needs to use English in their work life. 15 units including telephoning, meetings, and letters and faxes. ($36.95)
New International Business English : Audiocassette Edition--This edition comes with the cassettes. Recommended for those who want extra listening practice. ($49.95)

Open for Business : Communication Activities for Students of English--14 units to help you practice your business English skills. The exercises in this book focus on both oral and written practice. ($25.95)

Early Business Contacts : Materials for Developing Listening and Speaking Skills for Students of Business English/Cassette This book and cassette combination is designed for high beginner and above ESL learners. Listen to and practice the language of business. ($15.96)

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