Teaching Resources: Conversation

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Conversation Inspirations for ESL--My own all time favorite book for conversation classes. �There are hundreds of conversation questions in close to 30 categories (work, politics, TV, men and women) as well as a collection of role-play situations and small group activities. It's out of print, but Amazon will search to find you a used copy. Not just highly recommended, but really a must-have for any conversation class teacher.
Keep Talking : Communicative Fluency Activities for Language Teachers (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)--Wow! Over a hundred different activities and games that focus on communication. Activity types include: values clarification, role-playing, jigsaws, and guessing games. Includes photocopiable resource pages. Very nice! ($20.95)
Discussions That Work : Task-Centered Fluency Practice--This book is part of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Series. It includes over 50 conversation/discussion games and activities to energize you classroom. It's written by Penny Ur, the same author as Grammar Practice Activities. Need I say more? ($17.95)

Conversation Strategies : Pair and Group Activities for Developing Communicative Competence--A nice collection of activities to use with high beginner and intermediate students. Students get practice with language functions such as getting information, agreeing and disagreeing, and making requests. ($14.00)

Discussion Strategies--This book features 38 communicative activities for high-intermediate and advanced ESL students. Each unit focuses on a different high-interest topic and a different discussion skill. ($14.00)

Conversation--More than 70 conversation activities, easily adaptable across the levels. Part of the Resource Books for Teachers series. ($12.95)

Non-Stop Discussion Workbook : Problems for Intermediate and Advanced Students of English--This book for intermediate and advanced students includes ranking activities and other problems to encourage small group and pair discussion. ($24.95)

Speaking Naturally : Communication Skills in American English--Each of the units in the book for intermediate and high intermediate students focuses on a different function of English. Some of these include: inviting, complimenting, thanking, and and asking for information. ($16.95)
Speaking Naturally : Communication Skills in American English/Cassette--This cassette features readings of all the dialogues from the book Speaking Naturally. The conversations feature a range of American speakers with different accents interacting in situations of different levels of formality. ($19.95)

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