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Monolingual Learners' Dictionaries

longman.gif (4336 bytes) Longman Dictionary of American English : A Dictionary for Learners of English--A really good dictionary for learners of English. Includes pronunciation guides, count/non-count usage for nouns, and lots of sample sentences. ($17.75)

newbury.gif (4550 bytes) Newbury House Dictionary of American English (College ESL)--Updated annually, this dictionary provides definitions, pronunciation guides, usage notes, sample sentences, and information of use to intermediate and above ESL learners. ($19.95)

ntclearn.gif (12883 bytes) NTC's American English Learner's Dictionary : The Essential Vocabulary of American Language and Culture--A dictionary for high-beginner through advanced learners, this one includes over 22,000 words, phrases, and idioms and provides more than 72,000 example sentences. ($23.07)

random.gif (11806 bytes) Random House Webster's Basic Dictionary of American English : ESL/Learner's Edition--A good basic monolingual learners' dictionary. ($8.76)

Dictionaries for Native Speakers

meriam2.gif (12271 bytes)

Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (10th Edition)--A comprehensive collegiate dictionary, with more than 200, 000 definitions. Many usage notes, illustrations, and variant spellings and pronunciations. This dictionary includes a brief introduction to the English language and a history of the English dictionary, a guide to pronunciation, and a series of appendices. ($17.47)

Webster's New World College Dictionary (with CD-ROM)--More than 150,000 entries, with pronunciation guides, examples, and clear definitions. Words that are "Americanisms" are starred. Includes CD-ROM. ($24.47)

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