Idioms, Slang and Phrasal Verbs

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Street Talk 1 : How to Speak and Understand American Slang--If you can't understand the everyday language of Americans, it's probably because you're just not getting the slang and idioms people use. This now-classic five part book will help you "get the inside scoop." You'll find sample dialogues, vocabulary explanations, and practice exercises here. Check it out! ($13.56)

Street Talk -2- : Slang Used by Teens, Rappers, Surfers, & Popular American Television Shows--Street Talk 2 focuses on the slang and idioms used by American teenagers and heard on TV shows in the US. Like Street Talk 1, it's easy to use and includes sample dialogues, explanations with lots of usage examples and special language notes.� C'mon, get in the game! ($13.56)

Street Talk 2 (Cassette)--Get the cassette for Street Talk 2 and hear all the dialogues read by native speakers! ($12.50)

Street Talk-3 : The Best of American Idioms--14 chapters that let you in on the most popular American idioms. This book includes a lot of activities to help you learn and practice the new expressions; there are crossword puzzles, word games, and fill-in exercises. Don't miss the boat when you're interacting with Americans--find out what they mean. ($15.16)

Street Talk Three (Cassette)--The cassette for Street Talk 3 includes readings of all the dialogues by native speakers. ($12.50)

Street Talk Student Book : Essential American Slang & Idioms--This full-color student book includes ten units to help you learn and practice American slang and idioms. Topics include: at a party, on a date, at the movies, and more! Each lesson has lots of illustrations and practice activities. ($14.95)

101 American English Idioms : Understanding and Speaking English Like an American--The nine sections of this book are each illustrated with funny cartoons that will have you laughing and learning. Standard English translations and lots of context are provided for each of the 101 idioms.($6.36)
101 American English Idioms : Understanding and Speaking English Like an American--Same as above, but this edition includes the book and two audio cassettes. ($23.96)

NTC's Dictionary of American Slang and Colloquial Expressions (National Textbook Language Dictionaries)--This hardbound dictionary contains over 8,500 expressions, includes lots of sample sentences and related expressions. ($11.87)

NTC's Super-Mini American Slang Dictionary--1,700 entries, all with two sample sentences. Covers slang most commonly heard in movies, on TV, and at US colleges and universities. Pocket-sized. ($4.76)

NTC's American Idioms Dictionary--Softbound edition covering thousands of American idioms.

NTC's Dictionary of American English Phrases--More than 7,000 idioms, phrasal verbs, proverbs, and colloquial sayings, each with usage examples and explanation. Includes an easy-to-use phrase finder index at the back of the book. ($12.57)

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