Teacher Resource and Activity Books

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Zero Prep--With a title like this, need I say more? It's a book that includes over 100 pages of no/very-low prep activities. Each one is divided by language skill and presented with level, aims, materials, and clear directions. Activities span the range, but some focus on vocabulary, error correction, and reading strategies. Easily adaptable across skills and levels.

Back & Forth: Pair Activities for Language Development--33 photocopiable activities for pair interaction. Each exercise promotes communication. Sample activity types include: describing a picture and answering questions about a picture. A highly communicative book for use with high beginner and intermediate students. Recommended.

Recipes for Tired Teachers : Well-Seasoned Activities for the ESOL Classroom--81 separate classroom activities including role-plays, language games, and business English ideas. This one is an old ESL teachers' favorite. ($21.76)
More Recipes for Tired Teachers : Well-Seasoned Activities for the ESOL Classroom--One just wasn't enough, so here's another book with close to 60 new activities and ideas. ($21.76)

Communication Starters and Other Activities for the ESL Classroom--A really nice collection of communicative activities. This book includes race games, information gaps, interviews, and opinion polls. Recommended for beginner and low-intermediate students. ($19.00)

The Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers Series

Each of these classic resource books provides a wealth of activities and ideas for instant classroom use. If you're not already familiar with the series, checking it out is long overdue! Really, every school should have the complete collection in their resource library.

Games for Language Learning--Loads of language learning games outlined by level, materials, and time. Includes picture games, story games and memory games. Easily adaptable across levels and skills, Recommended.($20.95)

Dictation : New Methods, New Possibilities--One of my all-time favorites--you'll never think of dictation the same way again. This book puts a fantastic spin on the idea--it includes a range of techniques and ideas that will keep your classroom lively and energized. ($17.95)

Keep Talking : Communicative Fluency Activities for Language Teachers--Wow! Over a hundred different activities and games that focus on communication. Activity types include: values clarification, role-playing, jigsaws, and guessing games. Includes photocopiable resource pages. Very nice! ($20.95)

Discussions That Work : Task-Centered Fluency Practice--Over 50 conversation/discussion games and activities to energize you classroom. It's written by Penny Ur, the same author as Grammar Practice Activities. Need I say more? ($17.95)

Five-Minute Activities : A Resource Book of Short Activities--A classic collection of over 130 short fun activities. Don't let your students leave class early! Instead, get some more language practice with this exciting book. ($17.95)

Pictures for Language Learning--Over 200 activities and ideas for using visuals in the language classroom. ($20.95)

Drama Techniques in Language Learning : A Resource Book of Communication Activities for Language Teachers--150 games and activities that focus on dramatic expression. This book provides a range of techniques and ideas for any teacher who's excited about the prospect of using drama in the classroom. ($19.95)

Literature in the Language Classroom : A Resource Book of Ideas and Activities--This book includes ample worksheets and techniques for working with literature in the language classroom. This book is divided into two main parts, the first of which offers a discussion of literature, the second of which is packed with activities and ideas. ($20.95)

Working With Words--If you need help teaching vocabulary, check out this book! Over 70 pages of activities with worksheet samples. ($20.95)

Teaching Listening Comprehension--Lots of listening comprehension activities and exercises. Easily adaptable across the levels.

Grammar Practice Activities : A Practical Guide for Teachers--If you teach grammar, you need to this book. It includes over 200 activities and ideas, organized alphabetically by grammar point, to keep your classroom lively and active. Highly recommended.

The Standby Book : Activities for the Language Classroom--120 language learning activities with photocopiable handouts. This book covers a range of skills and levels. ($19.95)

Testing Spoken Language--A practical guide that includes over 50 oral testing techniques and variations. ($17.95)

Testing for Language Teachers--A really good guide to help you create language tests. Includes a discussion of testing criteria, explaining reliability, validity, and practicality. Covers the testing of the four skills and grammar. ($18.95)

Resource Books for Teachers

Beginners--Over 100 ideas and activities to use with beginning level students. Sections include basic vocabulary, games, and more. ($13.95)

Call--CALL meets the communicative approach. ($12.95)

Conversation--More than 70 conversation activities, easily adaptable across the levels. ($12,95)

Pronunciation--Lots of help for how to focus on the suprasegmental features of language (stress, rhythm, intonation) as well as specific phonemes. ($13.95)

Listening--More than 70 ideas and activities to make listening engaging, interesting, and fun. ($13.95)

Video--A book that makes using video a communicative language-learning experience.($13.95)

Music and Song--Pick up some cool techniques for how to integrate music and song into your classroom. This book offers a wide rang of ideas for using for types of music (and music video) in ESL classes. ($13.95)

Newspapers--This book provides a wealth of ideas for teachers who like using authentic reading material in class. There are over 100 activities and ideas here. ($13.95)

Grammar Dictation--If you're already familiar with the "dictogloss" procedure (listening, text reconstruction, analysis), you'll really enjoy this book. If not, how about checking it out? ($12.95)

Cultural Awareness--70 low prep activities to encourage cultural sensitivity. ($13.95)

Storytelling With Children--More than just an activity book, this one actually includes a collection of stories. ($13.95)

Young Learners--Really nice resource book for those of you who have to deal with the 5-7 year old rug rat community. Covers games, songs, storytelling, and drama. ($13.95)

Very Young Learners--More than 80 activity ideas and 20 photocopiable pages for those of you who get to teach the really wee ones. ($12.50)

The New Ways Series

This collection of related titles, published by TESOL, is another must-have for any teacher resource collection. Most activities and ideas in the series have been contributed by actual language teachers. Highly recommended.

New Ways in Teaching Listening--Loads of listening activities that include listening for academic purposes, music, and technology. ($24.95)

New Ways in Teaching Speaking--Over 100 activities organized by type. This book includes sections on fluency, accuracy, pronunciation, and speaking in different contexts. ($22.95)

New Ways in Teaching Reading--130 ideas, activities and suggestions for the teaching of reading. ($18.95)

New Ways in Teaching Writing--An nice range of activities and ideas for classroom practice--includes emphases on different types of writing, peer response, and editing. ($25.95)

New Ways in Teaching Vocabulary--Lots of activities and suggestions that will help tune you in to the how, when, and why of teaching vocabulary. ($22.95)

New Ways in Teaching Grammar--85 communicative activities that help students practice grammar. ($22.95)

New Ways in Content-Based Instruction--Ideas to help you make content work in the ESL classroom. Tasks are organized into five easy-to-use sections: Information Management, Critical Thinking, Hands-on Activities, and Data Gathering. ($25.95)-

New Ways in Teaching Adults--Lots of activities on in a range of categories, including the news, academic material, demonstrations, and case studies. ($24.95)

New Ways in Teaching Culture--If you teach in a classroom with students from different cultures--or if your students are experiencing cultural readjustment--check out this book full of activities and ideas. ($24.95)

New Ways of Using Computers in Language Teaching--Ah, I realize it's not the greatest sales-pitch, but this one's just okay. It does provide activities for word processing, using e-mail, and working with the web, but if you're already really experienced with using computers in the language classroom, you could probably live without it. ($27.95)

New Ways of Using Drama and Literature in Language Teaching--Four sections (Prose, Poetry, Drama, and Mixed Bag) provide creative suggestions to jump-start classes of near any level. ($21.95)

New Ways in Teaching Young Children--Another book for the rug rat community. ($25.95)

New Ways of Classroom Assessment--It's so easy to forget about, but so necessary to do. Get ideas on assessment in this idea-packed book. ($27.95)

New Ways in Teacher Education--46 ideas and activities for teacher trainers. ($22.95)

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