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All prices subject to change, in many cases they'll actually be lower.

Vocabulary in Use (Without Answers: Vocabulary Reference and Practice for Intermediate to Advanced Students--Over 3,000 vocabulary items, in a really great format for self-study. Each of the 100 lessons is two pages long. The left-hand page presents the vocabulary with sample sentences and illustrations. The right-hand page provides practice exercises to help you learn, use, and remember the vocabulary. Different sections of the book focus on topic-specific vocabulary, feelings and actions, fixed expressions, phrasal verbs, and count and non-count nouns. Highly recommended.($18.95)


Vocabulary in Use Upper Intermediate : Reference and Practice for Students of North American English : With Answers--Same as above, but this book includes the answers! ($22.95)


504 Absolutely Essential Words--Each word in this book is presented in three ways; there's a definition, a sample sentence, and a short article that includes the word. This book contains a total of 42 lessons. ($8.76)


1100 Words You Need to Know--The lessons in this book are designed to help you improve your vocabulary in just 15 minutes a day. This book is especially recommended for students who want to attend a US college or university. ($8.76)

American Vocabulary Builder 1--This book is for beginning ESL students. Each unit includes a short reading, comprehension questions, and a section on dictionary work. There are also sections called "Just for Fun" and "Think About." ($16.58)

American Vocabulary Builder Book 2--Same as above, but for intermediate students.

TOEFL Word Flash : The Quick Way to Build Vocabulary Power--This book, which is part of Peterson's TOEFL prep series, will help you build your vocabulary skills as you prepare for the TOEFL test. It contains five sample tests and practice exercises in specific vocabulary-building areas. ($7.16)

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