Great Spanish Language Resources

Spanish is a widely spoken language which is why a lot of people choose to learn the language. With the improvement in technology, people don’t have to attend regular classes to learn Spanish. There are numerous online Spanish language resources that are available where people can learn the language from the comfort of their home. Each resource can be useful for a different type of learner be it child, adult, beginners, experts or teachers.

Spanish-English Dictionary: Translations

These are online resources for translating Spanish into English and vice versa. You can translate not only words but also phrases. The Wordreference site is one of the best sites for translation because it has a wide vocabulary. If you don’t find a word on their site they post it on their forum and get the translation from the Spanish experts. Word of a day options are available where you can learn a new Spanish word each day.

Spanish Radio

The website free Spanish Radio Online contains links to over six hundred Spanish radio stations over the Internet. This improves Spanish speaking and listening skills. You need not spend time exclusively to learn Spanish as you can listen to the radio while browsing or doing other work. Another popular website that has nearly eight hundred links for Spanish radio stations is Radio Beta. Visitors can build on their Spanish Language learning with the news as it covers sports, current events, science, and other programs.

Spanish Television: Spanish Language Learning

For those who find it difficult to relate to just audio, there are websites that offer links to Spanish television. The action accompanying the speech helps people to understand and grasp the language better. In some ways, it’s better than textbook lessons or audio tapes of words and grammar. is a site exclusively for learning languages. You can search and even download what you want to see. Another site Langmedia has amateur videos from different countries which show everyday conversation. The soap operas are best as they repeat a lot of the words so it’s easy to grasp what the characters are saying.

Blogs and Podcasts

There are numerous websites which have Spanish blogs and special blogs for those trying to find free Spanish language resources. They contain various tips on the intricacies with a lot of information about Spain, Latin America, and popular people from that region. Podcast of fairy tales and folk tales are available to make learning more fun and interesting for both adults and children. These can be downloaded with transcripts to be read. Some sites which have these are Cody’s Cuentos and Voices en Espanol. These podcasts are at different levels, depending on the level of Spanish.

Flashcards and Games: Spanish Language Resources for Teachers

Flashcards are helpful when people want to learn new words because the object-word association helps them remember words better. There are various sets of words related to everyday life like fruits, animals, people in the neighborhood, and more. Also, various Spanish language games help to improve the vocabulary and conjugating the verbs.

The above are just a few of the available Spanish language resources. When learning a language, it’s important to stick to plan all the way, no matter how hard it seems.

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