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Meet the Hostess

Welcome to the party! Come on in and make yourself at home. There are drinks in the kitchen and lots of great people to talk to. My name's Karin M. Cintron, and I'm your hostess. I live in San Francisco, California. I work at a private language school. Karin's ESL PartyLand is an independent web site.

What? You forgot to wear a costume? Just kidding! You can wear anything you want to my party--even your pajamas! So, this is a picture of me. Oh, but this isn't my cat. I do have a cat. (Let's hope my landlady never visits this web site.) My cat is gray and has six toes on every paw. I spend my free time working on this web site, reading, writing poetry, watching documentaries, and hanging out with my friends at local bars and parties. (My favorite drink is Maker's Mark on the rocks.) I also enjoy cooking and traveling.
Okay, here's another picture of me; I'm not wearing a mask in this one.

Let me tell you a little bit about the idea behind PartyLand. I started working on the site in Spring of 1998. I didn't have a ton of computer experience, but I had a decent foundation. I had been surfing around the web for some time. Like other ESL teachers, I wanted to create a place for students and teachers that was highly interactive. I also wanted my site to give people something they could use immediately. Karin's ESL PartyLand has quizzes, lessons, and lots of opportunity to talk to people around the world.

karin--summertime.jpg (44197 bytes)
Karin in Sonoma

Well, I'd love to show you around and introduce you to some of the guests at the party.

steve in peru.jpg 
(42462 bytes)
Steve in Peru
Here's a picture of my brother Steve. He gets to work in exotic places all over the world. He's into science, history, and business. He likes traveling, cooking, and having a great time. As always, he's a welcome guest at any party I may throw.

Oh, there's my my good friend Ken Nash. I met Ken in Prague about seven years ago. We were both writing voraciously and living dangerously. Ken is a cartoonist and graphic designer. He did all of the original graphics for PartyLand. Ken lives in San Francisco too. Much of his cartoon work centers on travel. You can see some of it at

ken in turkey.jpg (41462 bytes)
Ken in Turkey

karl.jpg (41085 bytes)
Karl in Puerto Rico

And here's Karl Graham. Karl, like me, lives in the sunny Mission district in San Francisco. He received his MATESOL in 1995, and he taught in Puerto Rico for over two years. Karl helped with this web site by giving advice, direction, and support. Karl likes to listen to international music, cook, travel, study languages, and play guitar.

You can e-mail Karl at

My flatmate's name is Leslie Kelly. Leslie spends her time working, raising a four-year old, and not sacrificing her social life. She's into music, literature, and film. In fact, Leslie has a film degree, which means she took a lot of PartyLand's original photographs. leslie.jpg (44288 bytes)

kristy.gif (8762 bytes)
Kristy in Ecuador

This is Kristy Seigfried. Kristy lives in Noe Valley in San Francisco. Kristy's originally from Oxford, England. She has helped write quizzes for the Quiz Center.
This is a picture of Austen, Leslie's four-year old. This picture was taken on a trip to Paris. Not surprisingly, Austen says things like, "Karin, did you know that airplanes don't have windshields?"

austen1.jpg (42324 bytes)
Austen in Paris

And here are some more friends and family:
kath and the car 2.jpg (47089 bytes) There's my good friend Kath Stanton, who moved back to England last year. (I'm coming to visit soon, I promise.) On top of being an all-around great person, Kath is a lot of fun at parties. Kath has written a worldwide guidebook on cybercafes. She and her husband, Steve Pierce, have a web site called
dad and me.jpg (54991 bytes) This is a picture of me and my father at his 60th birthday party. I'm originally from New York. This picture was taken in the kitchen of my grandmother's house in Astoria, Queens. It's the same house I remember from childhood.
And here's a picture of my mother, my grandmother, my cousin Janice and my Aunt Mary. family.jpg (35942 bytes)

There are several other people I would like to mention and thank. Vladimir (why can't I remember your last name?), a former student of mine, came over, fixed my display settings and found both my modem and soundcard after the Big Crash of '98. (If you ever find this site Vladimir, you had better e-mail me.) Charles Bartels, my old college roommate from Berkeley, has talked me through many computer mini-dramas. He even came up from the South Bay to do immediate damage control during the Big Crash. And Mark Jackson spent hours trying to find me a chat room and was very kind as a software consultant.

And many thanks to John Erskin of John's ESL/EFL Resources for getting this page to look like it should in all browsers.

Thank you for reading this far. Now use the buttons below to start enjoying the party.

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You can e-mail Karin at

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