Interactive Music Worksheet

The AllMusic Guide

Today we're going to learn about different types of music and how to use this great Internet resource for learning about music. Go to the above address. Take a few notes on the answers that you find.

  1. Click on The AllMusic Blog. These stories are changed almost every day, and give information about music and musicians in the news. What are today's headlines? Read the story you find the most interesting and write one sentence telling the main idea.


  3. Choose one of the music genres from the menu at the top (i.e. Pop/Rock, Jazz, R&B, etc.). Compare two of the styles within this category.


  5. Choose a music genre you like most. Can you find anything about the music from your country? Who do they mention? What do you think about the artist(s) or style(s) they mention?


  7. Click on the Pop/Rock link in the menu at the top. What is Rockabilly? What is Garage Rock? Name one artist from each genre.


  9. Choose three other genres you are interested in. Be ready to tell the class about at least one of them.

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