Dave's ESL Cafe Internet Worksheet

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Internet Worksheet: Dave's ESL Cafe


Today we are going to visit one of the most extensive ESL learning sites on the web. Dave’s is a great place to hang out. There’s lots of stuff to do here. Just follow the simple steps below, and soon you’ll be well-acquainted with this very cool web site.

  1. First, go to the above address. This is the home page for Dave’s ESL Café. Scroll down the page to see what’s available here.
  2. On the main menu, click on Photo Gallery. Here you’ll find some pictures of Dave and his family. Take a few minutes to look around.
  3. Return to the main menu on the home page. Click on Discussion Center. Here, students and teachers post their opinions and questions on a variety of topics. From the student section, choose a topic that you’re interested in. Take ten minutes or so to see what people are talking about. You should respond to at least one posting. To do this, scroll down the page to Post a New Response and follow the directions there. (You can come back in a couple of days to see if anyone has responded to your posting.)
  4. Once again, return to the main menu. Next, we’re going to visit the Graffiti Wall. The Graffiti Wall is a place where you can comment on anything. Take a few minutes to read through some of the graffiti, then post your own. You may want to come back later to see what you’re classmates have posted!
  5. Now, we’re going to visit the Quiz Center. Here, you can take quizzes on a variety of topics. The computer grades your quiz. From the main menu, click on Quiz Center. Next, choose a category. Then, choose a quiz. You and your partner should work together on answering the questions. While here, you should take two quizzes in two different areas.
  6. Next, we're going to visit the Hint of the Day page.   This is an amazing resource.  Every day Dennis Oliver posts a new mini-lesson.   Read through today's lesson; then, check out the previous postings.  You can print the ones you're interested in.
  7. Back at the main menu, click on either Idioms or Phrasal Verbs. Then, take about five minutes to explore the page you’ve chosen.
  8. If you have extra time, you might want to visit the Question Page and ask Dave a question.
  9. Finally, we’ll finish our trip to Dave’s in the chat room. Back on the main menu, click on Chat Central. Before you can get into Chat Central, you have to register. Simply, fill out the registration form. Then check your e-mail to get your registration number. Once you have your registration number, fill this in and get into the room. Remember, you have to hit reload to see the latest conversation. For the rest of the class period, you can just chat and have fun!

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