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ESL News Scavenger Hunt

Part One: USA Today Online


This is the web site for the newspaper USA Today. Go to the above address and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the main headlines for today? What are these stories about?
  2. What are the sections for USA Today?
  3. Click on "News." With your partner, select one of the top stories. Read the story together. Then, discuss these questions: Who is it about? Where is it from? What happened? When did this happen? How? Why did this happen? What is your opinion on this event?
  4. Take a few minutes to explore the web site. You can answer polls, look at charts, and skim through some other stories.

Part Two: US Newspaper List


This is a site where you can find links to hundreds of newspapers across the United States. Go to the above address.

  1. Select a state from the list.
  2. Visit at least three newspapers from your state.
  3. What are the main stories? Write the headlines from your three newspapers. Take a couple of minutes to skim each story. What type of news does each story focus on? (For example, is it a business story, a local story, a science/technology story?) With your partner, discuss how the newspapers are different.

Part Three: CNN Interactive

This is a special CNN news site for students and instructors. Go to the above address.

  1. Click on "Story Archive" at the top of the page.
  2. Take a few minutes to see what types of stories you can read about here.
  3. With you partner, choose ONE of these stories.
  4. Do the "Vocabulary" exercise first.
  5. Read the Story Outline.
  6. Complete the exercises in "Word Selection," "Multiple Choice," "Sequencing," and "Conclusions."
  7. Now you can read the full length text.
  8. Finally, go to "Your Turn." Discuss the question with your partner. Then, see what other students said about this topic. Post your own response.

Part Four: In-Class Assignment

Send your teacher an e-mail. In your e-mail, tell the following:

  1. What was the main story you read at USA Today?
  2. What state did you choose at the US Newspaper List?
  3. What article did you read at CNN Interactive?
  4. What was one interesting thing you learned from today's lesson?

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