ESL Movie Scavenger Hunt

Part One: The Internet Movie Database

The IMDB is a great movie resource! You can get information on more than 150,000 movies at this site. You can read reviews, watch film clips, find out about different directors, comment on new releases, buy movie-related stuff and more. First, go to the above address. Then, follow the directions below and have fun answering the questions.

1.) Click on Tops at the Box Office.

  • What is currently the most popular movie in the US?
  • How much money has this movie made?
  • What is it about?
  • Find a movie in the Box Office Summary would like to see. Are there any comments on this movie? If so, what are people saying about it?
  • Find a movie in the Box Office Summary that you have seen. Read the comments on this movie; then, submit your own.
  • What three movies have grossed the most money in US history?
  • How much money did each movie make in the US?
  • What three movies have grossed the most money in international history?
  • How much money did each movie make internationally?

2.) Click on Search

  • Do a title search for one of my favorite movies: Six Degrees of Separation. What year did this movie come out?
  • Who are three of the main actors in this movie?
  • Look for user comments on this movie. In general, what do IMDB users think of this movie?
  • Click on Soundtrack Listening. (You will be linked to to hear audio clips from this movie.) Once there, find out the theory about the theory called Six Degrees of Separation. (Hint: it's in a file with that name.) Briefly summarize this theory.
  • Next, skim through one or two reviews for this movie.
  • Would you like to see this movie?
  • Next, do a title search for one of your own favorite movies. Take a few minutes to see what IMDB users and reviewers have to say about your movie.
  • Finally, do a title search for a movie you would like to see. This can be an older movie that has been recommended to you by a friend.
  • Time for another search. I can't remember the name of this movie I'd like to rent. I know one of the characters was a woman named Mother Sister. What's the movie's title?
  • Time for another search. When did actress Grace Kelly die?
  • Take a few minutes to search for some of your own favorite actors, actresses, and directors.

3.) Click on Browsable Sections (under Extra Content) and surf around the site. Have fun!


Part Two: Movie Scripts and Screenplays

Drew's Scripts-O-Rama:

You can get the scripts or screenplays for a lot of different movies on-line. Use the address above to answer the following questions.

  • What is the first line of the movie Fargo?
  • Who wrote the screenplay for the movie True Lies?
  • Where does the opening scene of Titanic take place?

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