Randall's CyberListening Lab


Randall's ESL Listening Lab is the best place on the Internet to get authentic listening practice. Go to the above address. Then follow these easy steps:

  1. Take a minute to scroll down the page and get an overview of the site. Then, click on FAQ (at the top of the page). Here, Randall tells you about himself and his web site. Choose three of the questions and read Randall's responses.
  2. Now, it's time to do some listening practice! Begin with the Short Listening Exercises. Choose a quiz for your level. Read the questions before you listen. Listen one time and try to answer the questions. If you are not sure, you can listen again. Finally, check your score on this quiz. (If you do not get a good score, listen again and see if you can hear the correct answers.) You should try at least two Short Listening Exercises.
  3. Now, we'll move on to Long Listening Exercises. (You need to have RealAudio to listen to these exercises.) Choose a topic for your level. Again, read through the questions before you listen. Once you understand the questions, listen to the exercise. If you need to hear it two times, listen again. Now, take the quiz and check your answers. (You may even be able to listen to the questions on the quiz. Look for a link that says Listen to the Questions.)
  4. We're going to continue with Long Listening Exercises. Click on Text Completion Exercises. If the topic you choose for #3 on this worksheet is available, listen to it again. If it's not available, choose another topic. Listen to the exercise and complete the fill-in quiz.
  5. Now, choose either a Long Quiz for Academic Purposes or a Long Quiz with RealVideo. Read the questions, listen, and take the quiz.
  6. Next, we're going to visit the Voice Mailbox. Here Randall answers questions from ESL students and teachers around the world. You can listen to his answers as you read along. Choose one question and listen to Randall's answer.
  7. Finally, you can finish your visit to Randall's CyberListening Lab by visiting the Links Page. Use this page to find other places on the Internet where you can listen to English!

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