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Interactive Exercises

The TOEFL PREP Starting Page--My own personal favorite.  This extensive site includes general information on the TOEFL and practice exercises for all three sections of the test. The computer provides explanations for why a particular answer is correct or incorrect.  To begin doing the practice exercises, click on TOEFL Prep under Menu. You can also find lots more practice exercises (including listening excerpts and reading passages listed by topic) under Old TOEFL Files.  If you are interested in taking the TOEIC, this is a valuable site for you too. Click on number 11 (TOEIC Questions) under Menu. Here you will find more than 600 practice questions for the TOEIC. You’ll also find a short list of links to other similar sites. In addition, there are more TOEIC practice questions under the Old TOEFL Files link.   Highly recommended.  Requires Shockwave.

TOEFL Practice Tests--Part of  Wicked Stuff for English language learners.This site is home to on-line practice exercises for the TOEFL. As you answer the questions, the computer keeps track of how many you get correct and your time.  Requires Shockwave.

TESTING--Loads of TOEFL and TOEIC practice exercises.  Some grammar and vocabulary too. 

BEAT THE TOEFL!--From Testwise.  This site contains a lot of interactive practice exercises.

TOEFL OnLine--This is the "official" TOEFL web site; that means it’s hosted by ETS, the same people who administer the TOEFL. (If you’re looking for accurate information on the TOEFL and how it’s changing, this is the place to get that information.) This site also includes some practice exercises. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Under Directories, click on Test Takers. Scroll down and click on Test Preparation Materials. Now, click on Practice Question Online—Free.

General Information

Bruce Rogers' Tips for the New TOEFL--Information and tips on the new TOEFL.

All About the TOEFL--This is part of the ESL Hub.  There are a lot of links here to sites relating to the TOEFL.


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