Interactive Food Quiz

Arrabiata Sauce

This activity will help you practice your vocabulary, reading, and writing. When you click on an answer, look at the top of this page to find out if your answer is correct. Your score for this activity will also appear at the top of the page.

Part One: Thinking about the Topic

"Pasta arrabiata" means angry pasta in Italian. What do you think this sauce will taste like?

Part Two: Vocabulary

1) "I cut the tomato up into pieces." What's a better way to say this?
I sauted the tomato.
I boiled the tomato.
I chopped the tomato up.
2) There's too much water in this can of mushrooms. We should _____ it.
3) We eat ______ vegetables. We never buy frozen vegetables or vegetables in cans.

Part Three: Reading

Now, you are ready to look at the recipe. It's at (Just click on the link, and this article will open in a new window.)

1) This recipe requires one tablespoon of sugar. How much is that in grams? (Hint: Select the option that says, "Metric" above the recipe, and click the "Calculate" button. All the measurement in this recipe will change to metric equivalents.)
2) What two food items do you cook first?
garlic and onion
wine and sugar
olive oil and lemon juice
3) After the sauce comes to a boil, how high do you keep the heat?
4) What do you add to the sauce after it is cooked?
fresh parsley
dried parsley

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