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Bar Talk in the U.S.

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1) In front of the bar, you see a sign that says, "Happy Hour 5-7." This means:
Only happy people are allowed inside.
Drinks are cheaper than usual.
There's a comedy show.
You get a free drink if you make the bartender laugh.
2) When you walk into the bar, the doorman says that you have to pay $5. This is:
a tip
a bribe
a rip-off
a cover charge
3) The doorman asks to see your I.D. (identification). He wants to make sure you're 21. What did he just do?
He hit on you.
He carded you.
He eighty-sixed you.
He flattered you.
4) You want bourbon with ice. What do you say?
"I'd like a bourbon, neat."
"I'd like a whiskey sour."
"I'd like a bourbon on the rocks."
"I'd like a shot of bourbon."
5) Your American friend wants a martini. What are you ordering?
A glass of Martini Bianco.
A drink that comes in a big glass. It's made with vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco, horseradish, and Worcestershire sauce and usually has a stick of celery in it.
A strong drink that comes in a fancy glass. It's made with gin or vodka and vermouth and usually has an olive in it.
A drink named after Dean Martin.
6) After the bartender serves you the drinks, what should you do?
Leave an extra dollar or two on the bar.
Say thank you and walk away.
Offer to buy the bartender a drink.
Wait for the server to carry the drinks to your table.
7) Someone of the opposite sex says you have beautiful eyes and offers to buy you a drink. They're almost definitely:
tipping you
molesting you
hitting you
hitting on you
8) You notice some people aren't paying when they get their drinks. Why not?
They are friends of the bartender.
They're running a tab.
They're police officers, so they always get free drinks.
They're eighty-sixing the bartender.
9) You really want a cigarette, but you don't have any. You notice someone near you is smoking. What do you say?
"Excuse me, do you have a cigarette for me?"
"Excuse me, can I borrow a cigarette?"
"Excuse me, can I bum a smoke?"
"Excuse me, give me a cigarette please."
10) Your American friend gives you a dollar for the jukebox. What is it for?
a very cheap drink
the bathroom
11) Your American friend has bought drinks for everyone at your table. What has he or she just done?
bought round
bought the farm
left a tip
bought a round
12) You decide to get the next round. Your friend offers to give you money. You say,
"No, you got the last round. It's on me."
"Okay, thanks."
"No, I can pay. I'm rich."
"No, I don't want."
13) The next time you order drinks, the bartender tells you, "It's on the house." What does he or she mean?
He or she is running a tab for you.
You don't have to pay for this round.
He or she spilled the drinks.
You have to go upstairs to get your drinks.
14) The people at the next table have had way too much to drink and are starting to fight. A big guy who works at the bar throws them out and tells them they can NEVER return. What just happened?
The bouncer carded them.
The bouncer eighty-sixed them.
The bouncer bought them a round.
The bouncer hit on them.
15) The bar is getting ready to close. It's your last chance to buy drinks. What does the bartender yell?
"Go home, you drunks!"
"Last round!"
"Final call!"
"Last call!"

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