Karin's Obsession

Cloze Exercise

Karin is usually a lot of fun to out with. But sometimes it can be a real to come over to her house. It can get annoying when you just want to come over and watch TV or drink a beer, and all she wants to do is write these quizzes! Don't get me , writing quizzes isn't always a pain in the , but not every single time you go over to her house! If you're not careful, she'll make you sit there next to her at the computer while you watch her try to figure out HTML code for this web site. This isn't most people's idea of a good time, let me you! One trick you can use is to offer to buy her a drink at the 500 Club, or her to lunch or something. That way you get the out of her apartment and you can just hang without working!

Use These Words:

  • butt
  • damn
  • drag
  • hang
  • hell
  • out
  • pretty
  • tell
  • treat
  • wrong

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