It's Time: Expressions with

Click on the correct answer.

1) I'm a busy person, and my time is valuable. You know, ________.
it's time
time is money
time is running out
it's time for something new
2) We've been working hard since early this morning, and now it's getting late. I think it's ______.
time for a change
time to play ball
time to call it a night
time to call it a day
3) Our vacation has gone by so quickly. _________.
Time is money
Time heals all wounds
Time flies when you're having fun
Time moves fast
4) Tomorrow is our deadline, so we have to work fast. You know, _______.
it's about time
time is over
time heals all wounds
time is running out
5) At the football game, the coach decided the coach decided he needed to talk to the players, so he called a _______.
6) I've been living here only two weeks, so I don't know if I like it. ______.
Only time will tell
Time heals all wounds
Time is running out
Time is money
7) We arrived at the movie theater at 7, but our movie didn't start until 8. We walked around ______.
as time goes by
making up for lost time
keeping time
killing time
8) Now that I'm not in school and I'm not working, I don't know what to do all day. I've got ________.
a lot of time
time to pay the piper
too much time on my hands
9) I went to school this morning, but I didn't learn anything. It was just _______.
a loss of time
a waste of time
a time loss
a time out
10) Okay, your turn is over. You must answer the question. _______.
Time to go.
Time's up
Have a good time.
It's time to play ball.

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