Gerunds and Infinitives

Shopping in the Haight

Gap-Fill Exercise - Use the words supplied at the bottom.

Yasu and Sun-Young wanted to go shopping. Yasu needed to buy a jacket because he had forgotten one from Japan. They asked their teacher to recommend a good place to buy second-hand clothes. She told them to go to Haight Street.

That afternoon, they took the #71 bus to Haight Street. As soon as they got off the bus, Yasu was cold. Sun-Young offered him her jacket, but he refused it. He regretted not his leather jacket from home, but he couldn't stand a jacket from a girl.

As they were entering the thrift store, a homeless Vietnam veteran in a wheelchair asked them him money. They pretended not him. Inside the thrift store, there was lots of great stuff! Sun-Young bought two hats and a red dress. Yasu found a cool Levi's jacket. the clerk was difficult because he had three piercings in his lip and two in his tongue.

Now that Yasu was warm, they decided Haight Street and nearby Golden Gate Park. They stopped at a lot of different shops. Yasu even considered a tattoo, but he decided to wait. At Golden Gate Park, they saw about fifty people dancing and playing drums. to the music was a lot of fun. for the #71 bus home was not fun.

Overall, they really enjoyed Haight Street and agreed all of their clothes shopping at second-hand stores--except for underwear. After that, they avoided clothes at the expensive department stores on Union Square.

Use These Words:

  • bringing
  • buying
  • exploring
  • getting
  • listening
  • taking
  • to bring
  • to do
  • to explore
  • to give
  • to give
  • to take
  • to understand
  • understanding
  • waiting

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