Tense Review: the Verb "Have"

Verb Tense Fill-in

Fill in each of the following blanks using the verb "have." The words in bold will help you decide what tense to use. Your answers can be positive or negative. When you have finished, click on "Check."   Look at the top of this page to see your score.

  1. Last week, my friend Rob a party.
  2. This didn't surprise me because Rob a good party every month.
  3. When I arrived at the party, I was surprised. Rob anything to eat in his house.
  4. Later, Rob told me that he money problems and couldn't buy any food.
  5. After I told our friend Lucy, she a good idea.
  6. While Rob a conversation in the kitchen, Lucy and I ordered pizza.
  7. We ordered A LOT of pizza. Even now, Rob still pizza in his refrigerator.

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