Verb Tense - Fill-In

Tense Review: At a Restaurant

Fill in each of the following blanks using the verb that follows each sentence. Make sure you conjugate the verb into an appropriate tense. Your answers can be positive or negative. When you have finished, click on "Check." Look at the top of this page to see your score.

Karin: This is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. here before? (eat)

Ken: Yeah, actually I ate dinner here last week when my sister . (visit)

Karin: Yeah, it's a nice place to bring out of town guests. What you and your sister ? (order)

Ken: We the Vietnamese spring rolls, the carmalized shrimp, and the vegetarian noodles. (have)

Karin: I always the Vietnamese spring rolls. Let's get an order now.(get)

Ken: Yeah, and let's get the carmalized shrimp. It excellent. (be)

Karin: that enough food or should we order something else? (be)

Ken: Well, I'm pretty hungry. Maybe we should get the spicy green beans too. I to try them last week, but my sister hates green beans. (want)

Karin: That sounds good! I we're ready to order. (think)

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