Get yourself some popcorn and pull up a seat for movie night. We've created this page on movies to help you practice your English. There are quizzes to test your grammar and vocabulary, a discussion forum where you can share your ideas, games and activities, and links to other web sites about movies. Go ahead, enjoy the show.


  • Who's your favorite actor?
  • Do you like action movies? Why or why not?
  • How often do you go to the movies?

Activities and Games

  • Name That Genre! - Titanic is considered a drama, but what about these other movies? Find out here.
  • Movie Trivia - So you think you're a movie buff? How much do you really know? Test yourself with this difficult multiple choice activity.
  • Internet Scavenger Hunt: Movies - This is an Internet scavenger hunt you can do on your own. To use this scavenger hunt, you can print the page or you can work directly from this web site. This scavenger hunt will teach you about the International Movie Database, on-line movie quizzes, and more.


Practice your vocabulary and grammar skills by taking an interactive quiz!


Click on a name below to find out more about each of the following directors.

Fun Trivia

Name the movie this scene is from.

What movie is this scene from?

To find out, click here.

Name the bridge from this movie.

Can you identify the location of this shot from Alfred Hitcock's thriller Vertigo?

To find out, click here.

Web Links

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