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Classroom Management--So, what do you do with that student who just won't shut up?  How about the student who won't say a single thing even if their life depends on it?  Students cheating?   Leaving the room constantly?  Coming late?  Not doing their homework?   Come here to ask for advice and commiserate with others who share your grief or stop by to help those frazzled teachers out of the goodness of your heart.

Employment--Tired of working that same thankless, underpaid job?  Come here to get the scoop on other ESL programs and schools.  Who knows?  You might find out about something better.   Here's the place to ask about: salaries in Saudi Arabia,  key money in Korea, insurance in Istanbul, taxes in Taiwan, visas in Venezuela, and anything else of that ilk.

According to US law, it is a crime to make an undocumented accusation.  By entering this discussion forum, you agree to be in compliance with this law.  Defamatory messages will be deleted.  (Disclaimer: PartyLand in no way endorses any of the messages posted here nor does PartyLand take any legal responsibility for these messages.)

International Cooking and Cuisine--C'mon, you know that there is some good American food!  This is where you can defend food from the English-speaking world. (You can also get international recipes, cooking tips, and suggestions for dinner here.)

Learning Languages--What's the best way to learn a language?  Share ideas, advice, and support with other ESL teachers and students around the world.

Lesson Exchange--Do you know a good way to explain the difference between simple past and present perfect?   Do you know a good activity that will engage even the most lackadaisical students?   Don't be selfish!  Share it with your colleagues around the world. 

Movies--Worldwide, thousands of movies are made every year.  Surely, you must have seen at least one of them.  Talk about it here.

Music--This is the place where you can talk about English language music and music from around the world with other ESL teachers and students.

The News and Current Events--What's going on in the world?  Even if you follow the media, you probably don't know the whole story.  Get the bigger picture here.

Take a Stand--Do you think that the death penalty is a real deterrent?  Do you think that marijuana should be legalized?  Should gays and lesbians be allowed to adopt children?  Here's where you can try to convince other ESL teachers and students of the validity of your argument.

Teaching Children--Get those rugrats under control and speaking English.  Find out how here. (The picture is an Austen original.)

Teaching with Computers--Okay, so you're tired of standing in front of the class and trying to orchestrate some sort of communicative practice.  But you can't just take them to the computer lab and tell them, "Get in front of  the computer and practice your English while I nurse this wicked hangover."  Here's where you can get ideas on integrating CALL lessons into your classes.   

Teaching with Film and Video--Need help or suggestions on how to use movies and videos in class?    Are you just itching to share your brilliant new video activity?  This is the place to do it.

That Wild World Wide Web--The WWW doubles in size every 90 days.  A new web site is added every four seconds.  Are you looking for a way to figure it all out?  For example, do you want to know where to download mp3s?   Do you need ideas for designing your own web site?  Sit back, relax, and join in this discussion for ESL students and teachers.  (Feel free to shamelessly self-promote your own homepage here.)

Travel Tips--Cheap tickets.  Mayan ruins.  Ayre's Rock.  The Trans-Siberian Railroad.   Youth Hostels.  The Charles Bridge.  The Golden Gate Bridge.  The Great Wall of China.  The Berlin Wall.  Eurrail passes.  The Khyber Pass.   Tangier.  Tokyo.  Texas.  You get the idea.  Have fun!

Troubleshooting & Computer Technology--Okay, you wake up one morning and your computer suddenly thinks you don't have a printer.  Or you're using Word and you want to know how to make labels.  Or you want to buy a new modem, but you don't know which one.  Whether you're a computer novice or a computer expert, you'll enjoy getting and giving advice at this exciting discussion forum for ESL teachers and students.

Worldwide Nightlife--From the best bar in Bangkok to the coolest club in Copenhagen, this discussion forum gives you the opportunity to ask questions and share your knowledge on nightlife around the world.   For ESL teachers and students.

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