Conversation Questions: Space and Space Travel

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When do you think people will visit Mars? What do you think they will find there? Have you ever used a telescope? What did you look at?
If you could take a vacation to the moon, would you? Why or why not? Do you wish on stars?
Have you ever seen any of the following movies: ET, Alien, Star Wars? Which one is your favorite? Why? Would you like to be an astronaut? Why or why not?
What will make the new international space station successful? Why? A group of stars is called a constellation. Some examples are Orion, the Big Dipper, and Cassiopeia. What are the names of some constellations in your language? How did they get these names?
Do you think governments spend too much money on space programs? Why or why not? Do you think people will ever communicate with intelligent aliens? Why or why not?
What do satellites do? How would our lives be different without them? What can we learn about the earth from studying other planets?
Have you ever taken an astronomy course? If so, tell about something you learned. If not, would you like to? Can you name the planets in English? Try.

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