Dead Man Walking - While You Watch: Listening

Dead Man Walking
Directed by Tim Robbins (1995)
Starring Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn

Note: This film is based on the book Dead Man Walking by Sister Helen Prejean, chronicling her life as a spiritual advisor to death row inmates.

Part One: Vocabulary from the Film

  1. to look for a loophole
  2. to get smudged
  3. to be up to something
  4. to be out of (one's) league/to be in over (one's) head
  5. a sister/a nun/the habit
  6. to own up to something
  7. to be suckered
  8. to let something slide
  9. to go nuts
  10. to turn the other cheek
  11. to be in dire need of something
  12. pardoning board
  13. to grant clemency

Part Two: Listening

As you watch the film, identify who says each of the following quotes and the scene in which each occurs.

  1. "There ain't nobody with money on Death Row."
  2. "I ain't gonna kiss ass."
  3. "I'm looking for a loophole."
  4. "Are you up to this?"
  5. "You're not a saint, Helen."
  6. "If you were our friend, you'd want to see justice served for the death of our daughter."
  7. "It's the countdown that gets you."
  8. "It's easy to kill a monster, but it's difficult to kill a human being."
  9. "You can't have it both ways."
  10. "You can't befriend him and be our friend too."
  11. "Every person is worth more than their worst act."
  12. "He went nuts on me."
  13. "They're all con men."
  14. "You're being suckered."
  15. "I was drawn to it."
  16. "How is it possible one gets life and the other death?"
  17. "There's an election tomorrow, and they gotta kill somebody."
  18. "I was out of my head."
  19. "Never mind."
  20. "The best thing would be for them to admit their own culpability."

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