Vertigo - Before You Watch: Vocabulary

Match each of the following idioms and expressions with its equivalent meaning:

____ 1. A man of independent means A. To go crazy
____ 2. To crack up B. It's really easy
____ 3. Dizzy spells C. Stubborn
____ 4. To lose (one's) train of thought D. To become involved in something which may be dangerous
____ 5. To drop out of sight E. This is not my field of work
____ 6. Skid row F. Someone who has so much money that he doesn't have to work.
____ 7. It's a cinch G. A poor area where desperate people live
____ 8. Hard-headed H. A repeated sensation that your head is spinning
____ 9. This isn't my line I. To disappear
____ 10. To get mixed up in something J. To forget what one was thinking

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