Bonnie and Clyde - After You Watch: Discussion Questions

Bonnie and Clyde / Arthur Penn (1967)

  1. In what ways does the movie illustrate the following themes? What message(s) does the film suggest for each? Remember, you should cite specific scenes/situations from the movie to support your answer: poverty, social class, independence, rebellion against authority, sex and power, violence, the media, and the changing role of women.
  2. In what ways are Bonnie and Clyde portrayed as heroes? What were some of their personality traits? Why does this movie portray them so sympathetically?
  3. The real Bonnie and Clyde were not as beautiful as their movie counterparts. How would your identification with them be different if they looked like "ordinary folks"?
  4. What is the role of the Kodak camera? Why are they always taking pictures?
  5. What did you like about this movie? What did you dislike? Once again, support your statements with specific scenes/situations from the film.

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