Do the Right Thing - While You Watch: Listening Activity

Before you watch the film, go through the expressions with your group. Ask your teacher to explain any expressions you do not understand.

As you watch the film, identify each of the following speakers. What is happening in the scene? How does the scene relate to the larger story?

  1. "Take it easy."
  2. "Me and you--we're gonna have a talk"
  3. "Hold your tongue."
  4. "Are you gonna kick me out now?"
  5. "You never clocked your sister."
  6. "What a waste."
  7. "New York City's finest."
  8. "You got a lot of nerve."
  9. "I'll catch you on the rebound."
  10. "It was with this hand that Cain iced his brother."
  11. "Let's get out of here while we're still ahead."
  12. "You're pushing it."
  13. "If you keep it up, you're gonna end up on the street with the rest of your homeboys.".

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