Do the Right Thing - Before You Watch: Web Activity

Do the Right Thing
Spike Lee/1989

For this assignment, you are going to use the Internet to find out some information about this movie and about race relations in the US. If you work directly from this web page, the links will open in a new window. To answer questions 1-3, visit the following web site:

  1. Where does this movie take place? What is the name of the neighborhood it takes place in? How is this neighborhood described?
  2. Find out about Sal's Famous Pizzeria. How long has it been in the neighborhood? How do people in the neighborhood feel about it? Who works there?
  3. What seems to be the general opinion about Spike Lee's direction? Find out how he worked with the actors on this film. Also, find out what other movies Lee has directed. Bonus: what does the phrase "Wake up!" mean?

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