Film Survey

Answer the following questions individually:

  1. What kind of movies do you generally prefer? (You can pick more than one.)
    1. classics (1920s-1950s)
    2. comedy
    3. drama
    4. romance
    5. action/adventure
    6. horror/terror
    7. mystery/suspense
    8. independent films
    9. other _________________
  2. What kind of movies would you like to see in this class?




  3. Name three movies that you really enjoyed. For each, give one reason why you enjoyed this movie.




  4. Name an actor/actress that you really like. Why do you like this person?




  5. What attracts you to see certain films?
    1. actor/actress
    2. the director
    3. story
    4. country
    5. reviews from movie critics
    6. "word of mouth" (advice from family, friends, acquaintances)
    7. other _______________________
  6. What is your main purpose/goal in taking this class?
    1. to see films I’ve never seen before
    2. to learn more about American culture through film
    3. to improve my listening comprehension
    4. to analyze/learn about cinematic style
    5. to improve my knowledge of idioms and slang
    6. to participate in discussions about movies
    7. other _______________________
  7. What percentage of class time would you like to spend on each of the following? (Please make sure your percentages add up to 100.)
    • _____ Watching movies
    • _____ Discussing movies
    • _____ Reading background information
    • _____ Learning new vocabulary
    • _____ Doing listening comprehension exercises
    • _____ other: ___________________________

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