All the President's Men - Before You Watch: Watergate Vocabulary

Vocabulary for the Watergate Fact Finder

We are going to do an Internet activity called "The Watergate Fact Finder." Before we begin, make sure you know the meaning of each of the following words and acronyms related to Watergate. For each one, write a brief definition in English.

  1. a break-in
  2. to unravel
  3. a web of political spying and sabotage
  4. to bribe/a bribe/bribery
  5. a cover-up
  6. indictments/to indict
  7. to reverberate
  8. White House "plumbers"
  9. to leak information
  10. to bug (someone's phone or office)
  11. to be convicted (of a crime)
  12. to be acquitted
  13. conspiracy
  14. slush fund money
  15. liable
  16. perjury
  17. to obstruct justice
  18. former/prior
  19. to resign (from office)
  20. to be charged with a crime
  21. treasury/treasurer
  22. the GOP
  23. CRP
  24. to be earmarked for (something)
  25. on behalf of (someone)

Now try the Watergate Web Activity

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