Nouns - Count/Noncount and Irregular Plurals

Objective: to review count and noncount nouns and irregular plural forms

Time: 25 minutes

Directions: Print this page. Copy the words below on to colored paper or cardstock. Cut up the words. Each group receives one "deck" of cards. Students take turns choosing words. The student must make a sentence using the word in a plural form; if the word is non-count, the student should use a quantifier to make a sentence. If the student answers correctly, he/she keeps the card. At the end, award a small prize to the student with the most cards.

Coffee Deer Cactus
Fog Species Wife
Truth Iron Luck
Advice Soccer Cards
Violence Octopus Woman
Knife Thesis Millennium
Tooth Appendix Child
Mouse Crisis Life
Criterion Dwarf Radius
Goose Person Analysis
Cancer Beef Gold
Sand Smoke Medicine
Oil Writing Sugar
Rice Thunder Lightning
Rain Dust Biology
Time Literature Clothing
News Entertainment Furniture

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