Tense Review - Sentence Match

Level: High-intermediate through Advanced

Preparation: 1 minute (Print this page. Cut the table into cards. Bring to class and use.)

Objective: Students will recognize various verb tenses/aspects.

Directions: Distribute one card per student. Students should walk around the room and find the missing half of their sentence. Combinations must be grammatically correct and logical. Remind students that they should pay attention to punctuation. This sheet has a total of eleven sentences, which allows for twenty-two students. If your class size is larger than this, just duplicate one sentence for every two extra students. Once students have found their match, ask each pair to read their sentence and identify both the timeframe and the tense(s) used. If necessary, emphasize any tricky grammar structures. Students can then work together as partners on the next activity.

Variation: Make multiple copies of this page, cut the same as above, divide students into pairs or groups, and give each pair/group a complete set of all the sentences to match.

By the time my brother arrives, I'll have cleaned the whole house.
I didn't go out for dinner because I had already eaten.
They go to the movies every Friday night.
Don't call me after 11 o'clock-- I'll be sleeping.
His flight arrives tomorrow at five.
I've been to Spain four times.
When you get back to town, we'll have a party.
I've been waiting here for almost an hour.
I stayed home last night and watched TV.
I was studying when the fire started.
I won't speak to him until he apologizes.

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