Oral Presentations: Do\'s & Don\'ts

  1. Be organized! The more organized and focused your presentation is, the more relaxed you'll feel.
  2. Breathe! (It helps you relax.)
  3. Don't try to cover too much material. Remember you only have 7-10 minutes.
  4. Do speak clearly, slowly and at an appropriate level for your audience.
  5. Use vocabulary that is appropriate for your audience. If you use new vocabulary, make sure you explain it and write it on the board.
  6. Do make eye contact with all members of your audience.
  7. Do move around.
  8. Do use hand gestures.
  9. Do allow the audience to ask questions at the end of your presentation.
  10. Don't read your presentation. You can use short notes, but reading a presentation is unnatural; also, it makes it very difficult for your audience to follow.
  11. Do practice your presentation with a partner or in front of the mirror.
  12. Do remember to thank your audience and introduce the next speaker.

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