Teaching Conversation

We've created this page to provide resources, lessons, and ideas on teaching conversation. There are printable materials for classroom use, a discussion forum and links to other web sites about teaching.

Ideas for Using Conversation Questions


  • The Expert Game - A fun, fast-paced conversation activity for high-beginner through advanced students.
  • Find Out If - A conversation activity for intermediate and advanced learners. Designed for the 20-something crowd.
  • I've Never - A conversation activity that's been adapted from a fun drinking game.
  • Discussion Forums: Lesson Plan - Introduce your students to the world of on-line discussion forums with this two part lesson. In the first half of this activity, students work in pairs discussing a variety of topics. Next, they visit PartyLand's discussion forums and share their opinions with other ESL students and teachers.

Conversation Questions

The sets of conversation questions at ESL PartyLand are intentionally formatted into tables to allow you to produce sets of cards for conversation practice. Print the page, copy onto cardstock if possible, then cut up the questions. If you don't have cardstock available, you might want to take the time to glue the questions to index cards (one question per card). This will produce a durable set of question cards that you can use again and again. Before you print, check out Ideas for Using Conversation Card Sets.

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