Teaching Integrated Skills

Welcome to the Integrated Skills Topic Page! The goal of this page is to provide you with loads of printable materials you can use in class. You can create your own theme-based lesson plans using these materials or you can use the activities to supplement an existing curriculum. Even if you teach in a school with separate skills, you should find certain materials useful. Check out our Ideas for Using Conversation Questions, and Ideas for Using Vocabulary Cards.

Ideas for Previewing Vocabulary

Are you tired of just writing the word on the board and saying, "Does anybody know what this word means?" Check this out.



Mysticism & the Paranormal

Natural Disasters

  • Internet Worksheet: Earth Alert - An Internet worksheet for Discovery Channel's Earth Alert web page. Make copies, pair students, and review tasks. Then bring your class to the lab to find out more about recent natural disasters and extreme weather. For intermediate-advanced learners, takes approximately 45 minutes of class time.
  • Discussion Questions: Natural Disasters - Questions for small group discussion.
  • Matching: Natural Disasters - Use for a homework assignment, or take at look at Ideas for Matching Exercises for suggestions on cooperative in-class activities.
  • Vocabulary Cards: Natural Disasters and the Weather - A set of vocabulary cards with directions for an in-class activity.
  • Hurricane Mitch Lesson Plan - Lesson plan for Hurricane Mitch classroom handouts (Parts One, Two, and Three), which are provided below. The primary objective of this lesson is to introduce high-intermediate students to deriving meaning for new vocabulary words from context.
  • Hurricane Mitch Part One - An in-class reading, vocabulary, and discussion assignment for high-intermediate students. The reading is condensed from an article from USA Today On-line. (Classroom Handout)
  • Hurricane Mitch Part Two - A homework assignment on deriving meaning from context, designed to give to half the students in the class. (Classroom Handout)
  • Hurricane Mitch Part Three - The other half of the homework assignment. Give to students B. (Classroom Handout)

The News & Current Events



  • Conversation Questions: Travel - a set of conversation question cards. Print, copy on to colored paper or cardstock, and use in class. For suggestions on how to use these cards, check out Ideas for Using Conversation Card Sets.
  • Vocabulary Cards: Travel - a set of vocabulary cards related to travel. Here, words are grouped by category.
  • Lonely Planet On-line - an Internet worksheet for intermediate to advanced learners. Students can work individually or in pairs. Expect to spend 45-60 minutes on this lesson.
  • CALL Option--For homework or whole classs practice, have students visit PartyLand's Interactive Learning Page on Travel.

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