Lesson Plan: A Shopping Trip

Time: approximately 90 minutes

Level: Beginner

Objective: Students will be able to use and understand common expressions related to shopping.

Materials: fake money. shopping lists (below), picture card sets (see below)

Review polite vocabulary and the following forms:

How can I help you?

Do you need help with anything?


I would like.../I'd like...

Do you have any...

Could I please have...

I'm looking for a ...

Will that be all for you?

Did you need anything else today?

Cash or credit?

Thank you. Have a nice day.

Tell the students they all live in the same small town and they are going shopping today. They will have to visit several different stores. Half of the students are shop keepers, one each at the following stores:

Green's Produce Market--print The Picture Cards for Green's Produce Market

Fine Clothing by Michele--print The Picture Cards for Michele's Fine Clothing

Maxine's Cafe--print The Picture Cards for Maxine's Cafe

The Home & Office Shop--print The Picture Cards for the Home & Office Shop

Each student from the other half of the class receives a "shopping list" and $250 cash.

Shop keepers receive a set of picture cards for their store. When a customer buys an item, the shopkeeper gives the customer that card. Shop keepers set their own prices, but items should be reasonably priced. Students are given 20-25 minutes to buy everything on their list. Each student must visit each shop. If they need to wait on line, they should make small talk with their neighbors.

Once all the customers have finished shopping, have students change roles (the shop keepers become the customers) and repeat the process.

At the end of class, bring the whole class back together to review vocabulary. You could also ask some generic questions (What was the most expensive item you bought?, etc.).

Shopping List #1

a pair of jeans

a shirt

a pair of slippers

a scarf

a bell pepper


an eggplant

a pair of scissors

a clipboard

Stop by the cafe for something to drink.


Shopping List #2



a chili pepper


a floppy disk



Stop by the cafe for something to eat and drink.


Shopping List #3

a pair of shoes

a dress

a blouse



paper clips

a magnifying glass

a fountain pen

Stop by the cafe for a snack.


Shopping List #4

a tie

a hat

a jacket




a pencil sharpener

a briefcase

Stop by the cafe for something to drink.


Shopping List #5

a T-shirt




a watch

a ruler

a calculator

a datebook

Stop by the cafe for lunch.

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