Discussion Questions: Natural Disasters

  1. What's the worst storm you've ever been in? Where were you? What were you doing when the storm hit? Did the storm cause any damage? Describe your experience.
  2. Which of the following natural disasters do you think is the most frightening: earthquake, forest fire, volcanic eruption, hurricane, tornado, flood? Why?
  3. What natural disasters have you (or someone you know) experienced? Tell about what happened.
  4. What's the worst natural disaster your country has ever experienced? What happened? How much damage did it cause? How did the community respond?
  5. Do you know how the following natural disasters are caused: tsunami, drought, tornado, forest fire?
  6. Would you rather live in a climate that is very hot or very cold? What natural disaster risks would you encounter in each?
  7. How has the weather changed during your lifetime? For example, do you think it's gotten more extreme? What do you think will happen with the weather in the 21st century?

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