Hurricane Mitch Article Part 3

Homework B: This is the third part of the article on Hurricane Mitch (from USA Today On-line).Do NOT use a dictionary. Use context clues to write a definition or synonym for each of the bold faced words.

Although the floodwaters have receded, life is growing difficult in the communities of northern Honduras.

"There's no water or anything," said Ramon Martute of La Paz, a village of about 500 people.

No water. No food. No electricity. No phones. Few houses remain; many people sleep in a fruit packing plant.

No roads. No bridges. The only access is by helicopter, but flights are rare - usually to evacuate sick or injured.

There is plenty of mud - as far as the eye can see.

La Paz is in the Aguan River Valley, a major banana growing region for Dole, known here as Standard Fruit of Honduras.

The river is muddy brown, still strong but far from the monster it was during the storm. The banana plants are also muddy brown, tens of thousands of them bent over in the fields.

Amid fear about outbreaks of disease, an American relief group of paramedics and rescue workers trekked into northern Honduras.

In Flores de Oriente, the 14-member team from the Air//Land Emergency Resource Team set up in the local clinic, still flooded after the storm.

"It's a mess," team leader John Tanner said as volunteers with the nonprofit Christian group from Watersmeet, Mich., began attending to people with diarrhea, foot ailments, conjunctivitis.

Appealing for international help, Honduras' president announced that his country's development had been set back 50 years.

In a televised speech Wednesday night, Flores urged the more than 1.5 million Hondurans who lost loved ones, homes and property to help in the recovery.

"The country is semi-destroyed," he said, "and awaits the maximum effort, and most fervent and constant work of every one of its children."

By the Associated Press

    Section Translation

  • Rare: very uncommon, infrequent
  • Amid: surrounded by
  • A mess: an extremely bad and disorderly situation
  • Set back: taken back, in terms of progress

Hurricane Mitch: Reading Assignment from USA Today On-line

Here is a list of bold faced words from Homework B. For each word, write a definition or synonym and a brief description of the clues that help you understand the word.

Bold-faced Word

Definition or Synonym

Clues that Helped




attending to

appealing for




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