Matching: Natural Disasters

Match each of the words in Column A with a definition from Column B.

____ 1. drought A. the act of making people leave a place because of danger
____ 2. mudslide B. a place where people can sleep in an emergency
____ 3. emergency shelter C. a big wave that can destroy towns near the sea
____ 4. flood D. a disaster when there is no rain for a long time
____ 5. famine E. a very bad snowstorm
____ 6. evacuation F. a disaster when there is no food
____ 7. blizzard G. a disaster in which snow and ice move quickly down a mountain
____ 8. tsunami H. a lot of water
____ 9. aftershock I. a disaster in which hills become too wet and the soil moves
____ 10. avalanche J. a small earthquake after a larger one

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