East of Krakatoa - Before You Watch: Vocabulary

Ring of Fire: An Indonesian Odyssey - Part Three: East of Krakatoa

Work with a partner or a small group to answer the following questions.

  1. "The temples link heaven to earth."

  2. Definition:

    What other things can be linked?

    Can you use this word as a noun?

  3. What is animism?
  4. What does the suffix ism mean? List at least two other words that end in ism.


  5. "A night here can leave your sanity in shreds."
  6. Part of Speech:



    What types of things might leave a person's sanity in shreds?


  7. "They are collectors of valuable birds' nests."
  8. Definition:

    Why might a bird's nest be valuable?


  9. "He misjudged the tide."
  10. Definition:

    Can this word be pluralized?


  11. "They were going into trance."
  12. Definition:

    What cultures use trance as part of their religious experience? How does a person who is in trance behave?


    Is this word count, noncount or both?


  13. "burning coals"
  14. Part of Speech:


    How do you usually behave near burning coals? Is there any reason why you might behave differently?


  15. "Protocol required that we only address him through his minister."
  16. Parts of Speech:


    What is the protocol for addressing the leader of your country?


    How do you usually address your boss? A teacher? A family member?


  17. Where does a meteorite come from? What would happen if a meteorite landed in your country?

  19. "Pressing their thumb prints into the molten hot metal
  20. Where is your thumb?


    What does molten hot metal look like?


  21. "Overnight, entire villages had ceased to exist."
  22. Part of Speech:



    What might have happened for someone to say this?


  23. "They become immune to fire."
  24. Part of Speech:


    How does your body usually develop immunity to disease? How could someone be immune to fire?


  25. "They believe their ancestors had literally descended from the sky in starships."
  26. Part of Speech:


    What does the root -scend mean? What do you think ascend means?


  27. "The four elders footing the bill for all this led their families around the towers."
  28. When was the last time you footed the bill for something? Why did you do it?


  29. "They had contributed to the clan."
  30. Part of Speech:


    Who do you think of when you think of your own clan?


  31. What is an effigy? Why do people make effigies? What do they do with them?

  33. What does chanting sound like? Where can you hear chanting? Why do people chant?

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