San Francisco Weekly Scavenger Hunt

These questions go along with our Entertainment Lesson Plan.

  • What type of exhibits are currently running at the SF Museum of Modern Art?
  • I would like to have Vietnamese food in the Mission district. Where can I go? Approximately how much will it cost?
  • If I went to the Elbo Room tonight, what kind of music would I see/hear? How much would it cost? Where is the Elbo Room? How can I get there from here?
  • I have some friends coming to visit on Saturday night. I would like to take them for Ethiopian food, then out to hear some live music. What neighborhood can I take them to? (I want to be able to walk from dinner to the club.) How can I get there from here?
  • Where is the Mad Dog? What is the name of this neighborhood? How do I get there from here?
  • I've heard Beach Blanket Babylon is a good play and I'd like to see it. Find out when/where it's running, how much it costs, and how I can get there from here.
  • I would like to go to a poetry reading on Thursday night. Find a place for me to go. Also, find out how much each will cost and how I can get to each place from here.
  • What's happening at Bruno's this weekend?
  • I'd like to hear some free stand-up comedy. Where can go? When?

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